Monday, December 24, 2012

Jurliss Flowers launches Singapore's First Android Floral App

Jurliss Flowers, an Singapore renowned online florist, launched her first Android floral app on 27 October 2012 to serve the world-wide Android phone users. The app is FREE and can be downloaded from Google Play Store by searching for "Jurliss".

With the successful launch of iPhone app in April 2012 and was prevalently accepted by iPhone users, Android phone users had since made numeral request for Android app. By replicating the iPhone app GUI and structure, Android app was ready in two months' time. Unlike iPhone app, Android app supports various screen size of Android phones and it is particularly designed for the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 screen size.

Jurliss Android app supports the most preferred online payment method, i.e. Paypal. Customers who do not have a Paypal account may use VISA, MasterCard and Amex for payment.

The ordering process is streamlined, from selecting a bouquet, filling up delivery information to making payment can be done within 5 minutes. It is designed with travelers in mind; well-categorised packages, easy to navigate, fast response and occupying less than 3Mbytes of memory.

Assuming you are about to broad the plane, and all of a sudden remember today is your wedding anniversary! No worries, Jurliss Android app installed in your mobile phone will become handy and definitely solved your problem.

Visit Apple Apps Store and Google Play Store and search for "Jurliss" now.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jurliss Flowers launch her first iPhone App

Smart phones have become part and parcel of our daily life nowadays. Applications running on these smart phones even provide us with the convenience that no one had ever experienced in the past. With a smart phone, one can now perform ibanking, social networking, daily planning and scheduling anytime, anywhere.

Businesses with mobile apps that allow customers to access their resources and product information are having competitive edge over those who do not have one. These apps have in effect brought businesses and their customers closer than ever before.

Jurliss Flowers, being an online florist, is the first Singapore florist who launched the test iphone app in early January 2011. Through months of customer testing and feedback, we have made necessary changes in order to meet the customer's most basic and yet ultmost requirements, i.e. fast loading, easy to navigate, privacy protection and supporting new product notification.

With this iphone app, one can place the order and make the payment using their paypal account when they are on the move. It is going to be an indispensable app that will definitely benefit everyone.

This florist Singapore iphone app has already been officially launched in 9th April 2012 and it can be downloaded at

If you have any suggestions or features that will help to improve our app, please write to us at Our objective is to bring convenience to all of our iphone app users.

Jurliss Flowers, a Singapore florist, provides quality flowers, prompt delivery and friendly customer service to all customers and businesses world-wide.

About Jurliss Flowers
Placing order for flower bouquets has just gotten easier -- Jurliss Flowers introduces the first Singapore Florist iPhone App for all users.

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Block 1002, Jalan Bukit Merah. Redhill Industrial Estate. #04-01. Singapore 159456
Tel : 65-6275-8221
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jurliss Flowers launch the world's first desk-top notification application

Jurliss Flowers, one of the leading Singapore online florists, has launched the world's first floral desk-top notification application. This application will notify customers whenever there are special offers and new promotions going on.

Running on Window 7, VISTA and XP, this application can be downloaded from and the installation will be carried out automatically by executing the downloaded file. Whenever there is an offer, a pop-up notification will appear at the bottom right-hand corner of the PC screen for approximately 10 seconds. If the customer does not respond to the notification, the notification will turn into a flashing icon which serves as a constant and non-annoying reminder.

Unlike email notification, desk-top notification is real-time. The idea and technology used are similar to those used for news feed and MSN. However, this is the first-time deployment of this technology in the online floral industry.

As a florist, we are constantly exploring ways to connect with our customers, to hear from them and to serve them with what they want. Running an online business is getting more challenging in terms of keen competition. Customers can now easily perform product research and price comparison across companies before making purchase decision. Hence, our special offers and promotions must be conveyed to our customers as quickly and timely as possible to capture their attention and place ourselves in their consideration list.

This desk-top notification application suits all customers and prospects, and particularly suitable for frequent flower buyers who always want to cheer their loved ones up. This notification will definitely bring customers with money's worth and best buy that no where and no one can offer.

To find out more, please visit

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How Florists in Singapore Offer Fresh Exotic Flowers And Exceptional Customer Service

Ordering gifts from a florist is not only about fresh and exotic flowers, flower arrangements, and innovative wrappings. Superior customer service is the key to a successful online flower service.

Online florists that have high-end customer service as their prime goal are sure to take a larger share of the market pie. This is because everybody can deliver fresh flowers, but to do it right every time to the exact satisfaction of customers takes a lot of skill and expertise.

The florist Singapore offers give much importance to the crucial factors such as special requests, type of flowers ordered, and using only the best quality flowers and accessories available in the market. This ensures that the intended recipient experiences the importance of the gesture in all its intensity.

Phone rings can be boring. It can be particularly irksome if you are put on hold with some dreary music in the background. Your preferred Singapore flower shop fully understands your aversion to the sound of phone rings. Three rings are all you have to put up with when you call your Singapore florist. The staff is trained to respond quickly to customer inquiries. The online shop also has a policy to respond to email questions within half an hour during work hours and within 18 hours at other times.

The best florist in Singapore has an online chat provision as a thoughtful alternate means of communication with their customers. Trained experts make every effort to understand your precise needs and offer a customized solution that fits perfectly within your budget. If they feel the need to provide more information to help the customer make the right choice, it is done with the right amount of discretion.

Your favorite online florist in Singapore unfailingly delivers within time. You can expect frequent updates on the delivery status which culminates in an automatic email when the delivery is completed. They always request customer feedback as a part of their effort to keep improving their services.

Glitches are an inevitable part of any online service because of the few factors that remain out of control despite the best efforts. The most preferred online Singapore gift shop has problem resolution on the top of their priority list. All issues are resolved on the same day at the best, but always within three days.

“A problem is an unrecognized opportunity” is a popular saying. This is the unwritten principle on which your online Singapore flower delivery store operates. Every problem is resolved with the resolute intent of keeping customers happy and satisfied so that they come back for more. As a part of this philosophy, they have developed a credit card refund system that refunds any validated refund request immediately.

To ensure that they deliver top-quality customer service, the best florist in Singapore does a few more things that are basic to them but uncharted area for other floral service providers in the market. They keep customers updated through regular emails and have a direct-to-management feedback line. They also use regular surveys to know the needs of their customers more intensely.

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Top quality customer service is the priority of Jurliss Flowers, the best florist service in Singapore. The Singapore online florist has a series of innovative measures in place to retain their customers and attract new ones. Visit

Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Mother’s Day Surprise

My mother has always been there to comfort me in times of sorrow, and celebrate with me in times of joy. She has a radiant sparkle in her eye and warmth about her that makes everyone feel special. Each and every Mother’s Day, since I was little, we had always presented my mom with some special treat, a symbol of our love for her. One year we gave her handmade gifts, the next we baked her cookies and organized breakfast in bed. No matter what presents we gave her, they never really felt like enough. How do you express your undying love for someone by giving them seemingly meaningless trinkets?

Of course, my mother appreciated the gifts and what I can remember about each of those Mother’s Days was the love that my siblings and I shared with our mother, along with my father. Outdoing ourselves each Mother’s Day, trying to come up with a better, more personal gift than the last, this year, we find ourselves stuck.

My mother is a loving soul and would not mind receiving the same thing again or even something small like a simple card, but my siblings and I want to make this year special, as it is her 30th Mother’s Day. So, after throwing some ideas around for a while, and thinking back over past Mother’s Days, I had a light bulb moment. In every single Mother’s Day, along with the presents, we always gave my mother flowers.

One year, we might have given her a bouquet of sweet smelling pink carnations with baby’s breath, and the next, it might have been a single autumn colored rose in a vase with her breakfast in bed. We decorated the lunch table with flower arrangements using everything from calla lilies, tulips, roses, and carnations to the cheerful sunflower and bold gerberas.

We realized that the flower arrangements and bouquets had always come in second to the other gifts we were giving. They always stood there beautifully decorating the entire day, and now it was their turn to take the spotlight. “My mother is a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart and deserves the beauty of flowers to enjoy on Mother’s Day,” I thought.

Discussing this with the rest of the family, we have started planning our huge Mother’s Day surprise! We have gone back over each Mother’s Day and tried to remember what flowers we gave her each year. We do have photos to help us, so the task is not too hard. We have also made copies of the best photos from each year to present to our mom in a special handmade photo album, so that she can see where we got the inspiration for the floral surprise we are about to throw her.

We will use all 30 flower arrangements, bouquets and single cut flowers in our surprise and have emptied a space in our living room, where they will all go on display. We are going to be sending our mother out for the morning to get her hair and nails done, as her “gift” and then when she returns home, the entire living room will be filled with our surprise flowers.

I can’t wait to see my Mom’s face when she walks inside. I think it will mean a lot, knowing all the effort that we put into choosing the exact flowers that we had given her each Mother’s Day to date, and with the photo album to prove it. We have left a space for a photo of this Mother’s Day with all the flowers, and I am sure this will be the best one yet!

By Jurliss Flowers

Jurliss Appreciates Customer Comments through Google Reviews

Jurliss Flowers located in Redhill Industrial Estate (Singapore) is a florist shop with a difference. We are dedicated to offering our clients excellent service and top quality fresh cut flowers and floral bouquets for the best prices. To this end we have introduced Google reviews to our website and would like to invite customers to publish their reviews, ratings, and comments. Customers can login using their Google account and rate Jurliss Flowers. The comments will be published directly onto the Jurliss Flowers Google Maps page.

So, what are Google reviews and how do they work? Well, the Google review section is part of Google Maps. The Google Maps will pin point the exact location of the Jurliss Flower store and the Google reviews will appear in the left hand column. Here customers will find a write up of the company, some pictures, where they are based, latest news and information, and contact details, as well as customer reviews underneath that other people can view.

Customers can simply write a short review about their experience with Jurliss Flowers and rate their flower arrangements in the box provided on their website. Jurliss Flowers looks forward to the positive Google reviews and hopes that it will enhance its competitive edge in the flower market.

To provide us your reviews, please click here.

Your positive comment is very much appreciated.

By Jurliss Flowers (the florist Singapore)

Sunday, October 7, 2007

What flowers should I send to my girl friend?

The first question to ask yourself is "What kind of flower does she like?", and next "Which colour does she like?".

If you have no idea, you may send her pink roses or tulips for the first time. After which, you really have to find out what she like. If she has no preference, sending her roses will be the best choice.

Below shows what our customers normally buy for their loved ones;

- Red Roses : 34%
- Pink Roses : 33%
- Tulips : 8%
- Lilies : 7%
- Others : 18%

Please feel free to Ask Jurliss, it is our pleasure to share our experiences with you.

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